• case #2

electronic payments

context & challenge

The client, operating in the sector of electronic payments and more specifically in the rental and maintenance of electronic payment terminals, is willing to focus exclusively on the selling action by outsourcing their business process. The targets were senior executives of large organisations. The goal: To arrange qualified appointments with decision makers, on a regular basis and follow-up the needs and end-of-contracts of the targeted companies.


At the start, our client provided us with a highly qualified database of 300 companies. We contacted every company to reach the budget holders and created an individualised and consistent follow-up for each of the prospects contacted.

Ongoing, we are studying the evolution and change that can take place. Eventually, we aim to contact all the companies listed in the file, to create a partnership between our clients and the prospects.

For this service, we didn't use mass emailing and instead we favoured personalised emailing sent when the contact asked for it.


  • On average - 1 result every 7 hours
  • A large amount of contracts signed during our first contact
  • To date, we have worked together for over 3 years.