• case #3


context & challenge

With a start-up launched to the market 3 years ago, our client was looking for a company able to handle long-term projects and take over the outsourcing of their commercial protection independently from the team. With their small three person outfit, the client wanted to focus exclusively on its core activity - hardware manufacturing (servers, CAO stations, data storage centres).


APM managed all aspects of this project. We set objectives that we then submitted to the client. First, we chose the different targets to reach, in terms of activity, geographical zones, and functions. We then focused on the creation and qualification of the database.

We created the content and support intended for the emailing campaign.
Every link in the emails was trackable by our software, and informed in real-time when clicked. We then called the lead directly to check their interest and requirements.
There were two outcomes: 1) Appointment organised with the Director, and 2) we received specifications which we then sent to our client directly.