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" We used the services of APM with the objective to completely outsource our business development. Even if we feared that the technicality of our profession would be too complex, we have quickly been stunned by their ability to easily bring us qualified lead, especially within big sized organisations that we didn't succeed to approach in the first place. We also appreciate APM's ability to make proposals for future development strategies and now plan to break into the UK market together. "

François Sertour
General Manager

" APM has quickly been able to understand and wrap their minds around the specifics of our sector, and the activities of our interlocutors. I especially enjoy their ability to gather precise and relevant information in order to plan my meetings accordingly. "

Philippe Muller
General Manager

" My main goal when I called APM was to stimulate my teleprospecting. My field sales team was unable to achieve this with rigor, he was essential to me to fill this gap to have a constant and stable flow of meetings with new prospects. More than 3 years later, we have brought our partnership to another level. Besides the appointment making, we use APM for physical accompaniment when we have international meetings, as well as a marketing and commercial support when we participate to events. APM proved itself to bring concrete quality results, while targeting high level contacts. "

Pascal Pailhon
Business Development Director
AVEM Group